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WHS Boys Football Team Hopes to Use Trojan Field to its Advantage

Football Trojans can train in the fall, but their season has been moved to spring by order of the Minnesota State High School League.The fall football seasons are still intact, and although the WHS boys and girls college teams will open their regular seasons on other fields – the boys will play New Ulm at Worthington’s Buss Field on August 28th and the girls at New Ulm on August 28th.same day – a transformed Trojan field awaits you.

“They’re excited. They’re always asking me, ‘When’s our first practice? When’s our first game on the grass? ” said Juan Flores, head football coach of the WHS boys. “I think it’s going to be an advantage for us, to be able to use our speed.”

In recent years, Worthington’s men’s soccer program has had more than its share of recruits with exceptional speed and pace, and for the 2020 campaign, another strong generation of speedsters will be putting on their shoes.

In the past, the local players have been on grass pitches several times on the road, but now that they have their own artificial turf to practice and play on, they are sure to become even more familiar with what it offers.Flores said the familiarity will help the team become more cohesive.They will be able to play more and faster.

“Honestly, I see 25-30 guys who can play at the varsity level,” says the veteran coach of his new team. “It’ll create competition internally, and it’ll create a better environment in which we’ll be able to compete as a team in practice.”

There will be many other changes that Worthington soccer teams need to prepare for this fall.

On the one hand, the MSHSL has mandated fewer regular season games, eleven of which will be scheduled, six of them on the road.

A smaller number of fans will be allowed to attend the games, depending on the social distancing needs of the coronavirus year. Each football player will receive only two passes per event and only persons in an official capacity will be allowed to watch.

Practice protocols will also be different.

Players will be required to wear masks during times when they gather, such as during drinking breaks and in team strategy groups. Water bottles cannot be shared. Any materials or equipment purchased second-hand must be disinfected before use. However, players may remove their masks when participating in drills that do not require close contact.

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